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One part Tom Clancy, one part Gregory Benford, Leonard Crane's debut, Ninth Day of Creation, successfully weaves cutting-edge scientific speculation into a political thriller with a propulsive, Byzantine plot.
-- ambitious work [with] something for most everyone to like about it. Crane's book is one of what will certainly be many science-in-fiction novels that focus on the consequences of sequencing the human genome.
-- Chemical & Engineering News

Crane spins a gripping tale with all the complexity of a Tom Clancy novel.
-- Publishers Weekly

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A Science Thriller
by Leonard Crane, Ph.D.

If you liked the pervasive science of ''Jurassic Park'' and the undercurrent of global threat in ''The Hunt for Red October,'' you should also enjoy this book. An unanticipated development in germ warfare technology, brought about by the solution to the protein-folding problem, becomes a fast-burning fuse in this intricately-plotted tale of scientific and military adventure.

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